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Flixa, Australia’s First Women-Focused Streaming Platform, Brings Women Filmmakers Back in the Frame




Why do so few of Martin Scorsese’s films have female leads? Or meaningful roles for people of colour? The question is a “waste of everybody’s time,” Scorsese said, adding his films feature a female lead “if a story calls for a female lead.” 


At Flixa, we believe this is a key issue. Women accounted for 12% of directors of the top 100-grossing movies of 2019, according to a study from the Centre for the Study of Women in Television and Film. Female directors are completely shut out of the Oscars: in the Academy Awards’ 92-years history, only five women have ever been nominated for Best Director, and only one — Kathryn Bigelow — has ever won.


Cinema is a sexist, rigid and ossified system. That’s why we created Flixa.


What is Flixa?


Flixa, Australia’s first women-focused streaming platform, celebrates female filmmakers who stepped up to tell women, queer, Asian, African, and Latinx’s stories on screen. With a growing catalogue of curated films directed by women, Flixa’s ambitious goal is to build a bridge between female filmmakers and a worldwide audience. 


Flixa screens a wide selection of international and local genre movies, including drama, horror, animation, and many more. Featuring films by Aicha Ford, Erica Scoggins, Joanie Wind, and more, this cross-section of short movies capture women talking about race, trauma, sororal bond, sexual identity.


Flixa offers a monthly subscription based service to access more than 300 high quality shorts, features, documentaries made by women from all around the world.


Members not only get exclusive access to high quality content but also play a major role in supporting female filmmakers, especially the ones who face bias in race, class, disability and geography.


With a unique revenue sharing system based on the Revenue Per Minute, Flixa shares its income with the film makers. It’s a win-win model that increases filmmakers’ pay-out as Flixa grows. 

How to join?


At Flixa, we believe entertaining and educational content should be affordable and accessible. 


Anyone can subscribe to Flixa from anywhere in the world. Flixa doesn’t restrict access to its content based upon geographical location. 


Our prices are transparent. Subscription starts at USD 3.99/month or USD 39.99/year, with the first two months free. We also offer a free 14-days trial.

Meet who’s behind Flixa


Flixa is proudly led by women visionaries and filmmakers who are all about creative risk-taking, innovation and entrepreneurism. 


For more informations, visit Flixa:


Media contact 


Feel free to contact us at 

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